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Vickie M. Crockett is an educational professional with over twenty years of experience in public education. She has spent over ten years working with middle school students and another ten years teaching and mentoring high schoolers as they transition to college. Ms. Crockett specializes in reading, writing, literature, and blended studies. Her work includes supporting struggling learners, designing advanced lessons for gifted students, and using real-world programs and global travel to develop student leadership.

Ms. Crockett has served in leadership roles including being a mentor teacher, teacher leader, professional development presenter, school and district trainer, and department chair. In each role, she has brought innovative teaching strategies and specialized student learning. Ms. Crockett holds advanced degrees in curriculum and instruction as well as certificates of international education and student travel. 

Ms. Crockett’s passion is to help schools increase student success by minimizing behavior issues and maximizing engagement. Student empowerment is at the core of everything she does, and she is a dedicated advocate for educational equity. TEACH Educational Consulting, LLC, exists to realize that goal.


TEACH Educational Consulting, LLC, was founded as a result of 20 years of research, innovative instructional practice, and progressive curriculum design. After 2 decades of working in schools and communities identified as “high risk”, the company founder, Vickie Crockett, determined to build a program that helps schools meet the unique needs of their students. Understanding the need for intense learning in the 21st century while also addressing growing emotional and social needs unique to schools and students in high risk areas, Ms. Crockett went to work designing a curriculum that did just that. Focusing on a blend of brain-based learning, SEL research, and cultural applications, TEACH from the HEART is a 3-level system that reaches school staff, families and communities, and students in a program of academic and social success.

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